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Danish prisoners in Kosovo, these are some of the points of the agreement between the two countries

The day before, news was published in the Danish media that this country will rent 300 prison cells in Kosovo, while Telegrafi has learned details of the agreement which is expected to be signed next week between the Ministry of Justice of Kosovo and Denmark. .

The Kosovo-Denmark agreement is expected to be signed next week, and it must be ratified by the Assembly.

According to the Telegraph, the agreement is for prisoners with a 10-year sentence from the courts in Denmark, which does not include acts of terrorism and people with mental health problems.

Otherwise, as Telegrafi Kosova learns from this agreement with the state of Denmark, it earns 15 million euros per year and another 6 million euros of investments in renewable energy and also donations for issues related to the rule of law.

The agreement will also include rehabilitation, renovation of physical infrastructure in Kosovo prisons, staff capacity building, training, work activities, education, etc.

As it is learned, the convicts will be monitored according to Danish law, security, welfare and everything related to them is from the Danish state.

Otherwise, senior officials of Danish correctional institutions in October 2020 had visited the Kosovo Correctional Service.

In a press release of this institution, it was announced that the two-day visit was realized in the framework of the cooperation of the Kosovo Correctional Service with the correctional institutions of Denmark.

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