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The Ministry of Justice provides details on the knowledge of prisoners in Denmark, Kosovo worth 210 million euros

The Ministry of Justice has announced that they have agreed on an agreement with the institutions of the Kingdom of Denmark, respectively the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Development Cooperation for the release of a correctional facility with a capacity for three hundred convicts.

“The Ministry of Justice is committed to the release of a correctional facility with a capacity for three hundred convicts, who will be brought from the Kingdom of Denmark. The convicts who will be transferred to this institution will not be of high risk. “As compensation for this, the Republic of Kosovo benefits 210 million euros, which will be dedicated to capital investments, in particular for renewable energy,” said in a statement.

According to the communiqué, this compensation will greatly benefit the justice institutions, as well as the Kosovo Correctional Service, which will increase the quality and overall infrastructure of this service.

“We emphasize that the Danish institutions have positively assessed the treatment of convicts in Kosovo and our capacity in this regard. “This is an opportunity for a close cooperation between our two countries, deepening the strategic partnership between us.”

Otherwise, the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu said that this agreement had been discussed since the previous government.

But according to her, since the procedures of the Law on International Agreements were not respected, she had decided to return the whole issue to zero, and now they have reached an agreement in principle about these cells.

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